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Names for Babies - Names from all over the World

The content of this website provides some great ideas and Names for Babies from all over the world. A distinctly international flavor for those looking for some unusual and unique inspiration before naming their baby. Awesome lists of Names for Babies suitable for first and middle naming suggestions. Whether you are looking for a new, cool, modern name or a classic, traditional more old fashioned name you will find something to suit your taste. Every list contains at least 100 top Names for Babies and many sections extend the choice much further with a free A - Z Dictionary of special Names for Babies.

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Boy and Girl Names for Babies - Simple, straight forward information and ideas
Our different sections and articles provide free, simple and straight forward lists of boy and girl Names for Babies. You will not be asked for your mailing address or to join a forum! So if you are searching for the best ideas for Names for Babies, a free simple baby name finder - then this is the place for you. You are just one click away from good ideas that will you to find the perfect name for your newborn baby boy or girl.


1000's of Names for Babies - Grab a Pen!
There are
1000's of Names for Babies for you to choose from. Our first suggestion is for you to grab a pen! Start making a list of the names of babies that really appeal to you. Computers are fine, but they make it difficult to share your ideas with your partner and family. Adopt a simple approach and start to build a list that is meaningful to you and includes all of your best names for babies. Our Top Boy and Girl Babynames section provides details of Boy and Girl names from all over the world.

American, British, Irish, SCottish, German, French and Welsh Flags

Names for Babies - Are you looking for a First Name and a Middle Name?
If you are looking to find both a first name and a middle name for your baby this will certainly broaden your criteria and your options when you are searching through lists of names for babies. We would recommend that you glance at our articles on First Names and Middle Names for babies to put this into some perspective - it contains the definition of the purpose of middle and first names. It also provides the different, common sense advantages and disadvantages of giving both both a first and middle name to your new born baby boy or girl. The most obvious reason for including a middle name is that taking this option provides you with the opportunity to extend your choice of names for babies. If you are into cool, trendy modern Names for Babies but your family wants you to an include a traditional, classic or old fashioned name that has been in the family for years then adding a middle name can solve your problem! 


Names for Babies - Helpful Hints
Make the process of choosing names for babies and the perfect boy or girl baby name easy with helpful hints

Names for Babies
Modern, trendy name or classic, traditional name?
Cool and cute name or a strong, vintage name?
Unusual, unique name or popular & more common?
Old fashioned, family name or the latest, celeb name?
Meaningful or a more random type of name?

Names for Babies - English Names for Newborn Boys and Girls
Names for Babies! Here's another question for you - are you looking for a common English name, or should I say popular English names for babies, or are you hoping to find an Olde English name. John and William are two of the most common, popular English names for boy babies. It was traditional for a son to be named after his father so  English and American names for babies such as Thomas, Richard, and Robert also became very popular. In fact the forenames, John, Thomas, Richard, William and Robert once accounted for approximately 60% of male names. Much of their popularity is due to the fact that these are also royal names - English Names for Babies are often very traditional. However, this trend has changed during recent years and nicknames such as Jack, that derives from the name, are more  have become more popular amongst those searching for names for babies.

Names for Babies - Derivatives of English Names
Many names for babies, such as John, have many different derivatives in other countries. The Italian Giovanni, Gianni and Gian in Spanish it is Juan or Joao the French derivative is Jehan or Jean, the Dutch, German and Scandinavian derivatives are Johann, Jan, Jannis, Hans and Jens. In Russian it is Ivan and Greek it is Ioannes. The name John originated as the Hebrew name the Hebrew name Yoḥanan which means "Graced by Yahweh".

Names for Babies - Male and Female Versions
These different versions of names for babies do not stop here. There are female versions of the male name such as Joanne, Joan, Jehanne and Jo. And this is true of many male names that with minor changes are used as female names. The list is endless! Peta, Nikky, Billie, Charlie and Sam to illustrate just some of these variations.


Names for Babies for Boys and Girls
The forenames given to boys and girls have different traits. The forenames of boy babies are traditionally strong sounding names and usually quite traditional. However, the forenames of girl babies are traditional much softer and described as pretty, cute or beautiful. Parents of newborn baby girls are far more likely to given their daughter an unusual, uncommon forename. The forenames of girl babies are often taken from beautiful elements in nature, especially flowers such as Rose and Lily. Precious gemstones are also used for girls forenames. Examples of these forenames for girls are Pearl and Jade. Inspiration for more modern girls forenames are also taken from nature such as Sky and Summer. Places are also used as a source of inspiration such as Sydney or Paris.


Names for Babies - American Naming Traditions for Boys
American Naming traditions are unusual, unique and varied. The variety of the different American forenames for boys and girls is due to the rich heritage of the country and the many different countries that there ancestors came from. There are also many different ethnic races in America, not to mention the number of different religions, all of which impacted on American naming traditions. A very interesting American male naming tradition related to the use of family forenames, this was called the "Old Jones naming pattern". In this American naming tradition:

The first boy was named after the paternal grandfather
The second boy was named after the maternal grandfather
The third boy was named after the father
The fourth boy and all the following male children were named after the fatherís brothers or friends

Baby Icons for Girls

Names for Babies - American Naming Traditions for Girls
There was a similar Naming tradition for girls in which the daughters of a family were named after female members of the family.  The American naming tradition for girls was as follows:

The first girl was named after the paternal grandmother
The second girl was named after the maternal grandmother
The third girl was named after the mother
The fourth girl and all the following male children were named after the motherís sisters or friends

This is why so many members of the family feel that they have a traditional input and interest in the naming of new boys and girls in the family!

Names for Babies - World Naming Traditions
There are different naming traditions all over the world and they can change with current naming trends
UK - The UK is influenced by the heirs of young royals
Hispanic & Catholic countries are influenced by religion
German forenames follow state guidelines
Indian forenames are influenced by the birth star
The Chinese are influenced by elements & birth date
Arab and Muslim countries are influenced by religion
African families often give 2 forenames at birth and at a special event

A - Z Dictionary of Names for Babies - Forenames for Girls and Boys
Many of the sections have so many Names for Babies that they are presented in a A - Z dictionary that is split into sections for boys and sections for girls. These selections offer a wide choice of boy and girl babynames and to help with this selection we have also provided a list of the top or the most popular 100 boy of girl forenames from many countries in the world.

The A - Z dictionary provides a good reference guide to names for babies with at-a-glance lists and some provide the meanings and origins of the forenames.  The Baby Girl and Baby boy naming sections giving access to Popular, Awesome, Cute, Unusual, Unique, Exotic, Strong, Pretty and Beautiful names for babies. Every parent takes great pride in choosing a perfect forename for their babies. The decision on what to call a baby boy or a baby girl is never taken lightly. Friends and family often give their input but the ultimate decision on naming babies always lies with the mother and father of the baby.

The A - Z dictionary of Names for Babies details a vast array of forenames for a boy baby or a girl baby. We have also provided additional information about naming traditions and customs that you might find interesting as you are making your selection. Finding the right forename for your baby boy or baby girl is a really important decision but it is also a lot a fun. I called my own son John as it was my father's name and it took me ages to use this very grown-up forename. For the first six weeks of my newborn baby's life I could only bring myself to call him "baby!"


Names for Babies

Modern, trendy or classic boy or girl babies
Cool and Cute or a strong, vintage boy or girl name
Unusual or popular common boy or girl name
Old fashioned or the latest, celeb boy or girl name
Meaningful or a more random type of name
Unique or traditional boy or girl name
Meaningful or a more random type of name
Awesome babies, beautiful boy or girl name


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Names for Babies

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